Better Sleep☁︎


There are many resources now like the media, books, and specialist that can help with insomnia. You can try many different ways and see which way may help you improve your sleep. Devices are now part of our daily lives and sometimes we don’t actually realize how much blue light affects our eyes and sleep. Light keeps us awake and naturally signals our brains to think its day. Ways to limit screen time is to try more physical activities, stay off your phone at least an hour before bed, and turn on your Screen Time limit in your Settings.                                                                                                  

Everyone is different when it comes to noise tolerance, some people can sleep with noise and some cant. If you can, try playing soft, relaxing music, rain sounds, or ocean waves. YouTube has many sounds and music for everyone to find their own sleep sound. If you cant stand noises, limit all sounds and make sure all devices are off.

Try to set and stick to a schedule. It may be difficult to, but try to apply this habit daily and turn into a routine. Exercising regularly throughout your day or before bed can help your body run out of energy and start to feel tired. You can try some lifting or cardio and also stretching.