boys volleyball season

Robert Valdez-Lopez

The righetti boys volleyball season is going a lot better than last year. This year we have won 2 games out of 3 and Our last game we barely lost and shouldn’t have. It’s little mistakes that we can fix and just need to want it. Our team seems to get to focused during the game that they forget the basics. We also need to talk more, communication is key in this sport and if we communication I believe we wouldn’t lose.

The other 2 games we won we communicated and cheered and hyped each other up. I know we won those games because our attitudes and because how we treated each other. Our team could be amazing if everyone just wanted it. Last year we didn’t win 1 game but got close everytime because we tried our best and talked to each other. we just need to do that this year and if we do I can see us taking league