why we should be allowed to get order food to school


Lucy Del Pielago, writer

As we all know we are not allowed to order food to the school and I can only think of one reason why that might be. However the school does jot provide good healthy food. The “protein” box only contains beef jerky and some peanuts…. door dash and other apps provide healthier options and its not like the school pays for them. Kids still order food to the school wether or not it is allowed so they might as well allow it. the students that do sports too are going to be hungrier than the other students and need healthier/ more filling options that the school does not provide.

a student should not be eating this everyday. The same goes for the drink options. While the juice and gatorades are not terrible for us, the milk does not do any good for our bodies. It would be better to maybe provide a different type of milk or just water. This brings me to another point. My own science teachers have tested the ph level for the school water and none of them are very good along with the water fountain in the cafeteria. So the students must bring their own water from home ignorer to intake god clean water or bring 2 dollars for one water. Basically it would be beneficial  to all students to just get food and drinks from other sources unless the district wants to change their food system.