my favorite sports I’ve played

my favorite sports Ive played

Robert Valdez-Lopez

I’ve played most sports out there that you would watch on TV. Ranging from soccer baseball, basketball and even volleyball. Basketball being my first soccer being my second and baseball coming around the same time. Then most recently Volleyball and it has quickly became my favorite sport. It hasn’t always been my favorite though basketball I played since I was 3 and baseball I played for 5 years. Soccer was a quick 2 years and stopped because I’m not very coordinated. baseball I stopped because I had to stay still too much and I wanna always be moving.

Basketball I played my whole life until sophomore year was my last because it became more like a job and a lot of teams would ask my parents if I would like to switch teams and would always get me to go to a better team and it was hard to create friendships. Volleyball has quickly became my favorite because you have to create those friendships.