Disneyland in Spring


Isabella Ruiz

If you’ve ever wondered when’s the best time to go to Disneyland, it’s definitely during Springtime. No matter when you go during the year, they decorate it but since it’s spring it is currently decorated so lovely. With color everywhere and special seasonal items it’s the perfect time to go. The weather is very nice this time of year and you can spot great days to go.

Some of the seasonal items and events currently going on right now are spring themed and celebration of 100 years of Disney themed. There’re currently special treats, events, parades, and much more. The weather has been good and enjoyable as well, nothing better than a sunny nice day at Disneyland.

Two of the best lands in Disneyland to go to during the Spring is Fantasyland and Mickeys Toon Town. These lands in the park are some of the cutest lands that just scream springtime! No matter where you are in Disneyland it’ll always be the best in spring.