Coachella 2023


Briana Deras

Coachella is a fun festival where Top popular artists and bands preform for a weekend festival. Coachella is hosted in Indio, California. It is also one of the biggest music festivals worldwide, occurring over two weekends in April. Bad Bunny, BlackPink & Frank Ocean to headline Coachella 2023. These are Coachella’s prices: 3-day general admission Tier 3 – Admission + Parking $599.00, 3-Day general admission + shuttle tier 1 -Admission + Parking + Shuttle $599.00, 3-day general admission +shuttle tier 2 – Admission + Parking + Shuttle $649.00, preferred car camping- Parking + Camping $375.00, that concludes all the prices Coachella provides with a 3-day festival. What makes Coachella so special is the showcases popular and established musical artists as well as emerging artists and reunited groups. I honestly think Coachella is worth it because you if go to a concert it usually cost $200.00per ticket to see 1 artist and I honestly think its worth it to go to this music festival that cost $599.00 for 167 artists.