Nashville 2023


Victims of the Covenant School shooting in Nashville include young children, teacher, head of school, custodian | CNN


*trigger warning* sensitive topic

Yet another school shooting occurred at a private Christian school in Nashville on March 27. A total of 6 people lost, 3 of which were only children. Grieving, family and loved ones forced to say their goodbyes.

Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9
“Evelyn was a shining light in this world”

Hallie Scruggs, 9

“such a gift.”

William Kinney, 9

“He was unfailingly kind, gentle when the situation called for it, quick to laugh, and always inclusive of others,”

Mike Hill, 61

Michael was beloved by the faculty and students who filled him with joy for 14 years

Katherine Koonce, 60

Her love and her light lives on in the life of our family and so many others that she touched!”

Cynthia Peak,61

Cindy was a pillar of the community, and a teacher beloved by all her students,”

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