Righetti vs Saint Joes

Noah Kesner

On a late windy Monday afternoon, Righetti High School faced Saint Joes High School. Besides being faced their rivals for many years, the Righetti freshman baseball team was able to defeat Saint Joes. With Righetti traveling across the street to play away, they were given first at bats, which they did not take for granted, getting out ahead of Saint Joes by a whopping 1 point to begin the first inning. Righetti was very energetic throughout the game. Righetti got off to a fast start, shutting down Saint Joes in the first inning. Righetti was pitching with heart, giving it there all, shutting down Saint Joes for 5 innings in a row, only putting up zeros on the scoreboard. Righetti amazing performance on defensive side of the ball was greeted with many runs on the offensive side of things taking the lead 11-0. With the game coming to a close Righetti was able to hold Saint joes to only 1 point and win the game. Righetti took home the victory 12-1.