Healthy Tips for your Period


Savannah Vega, Writer

Being on your period can be extremely uncomfortable. It sucks having to worry about stains, cramps, mood swings and more. It can be overwhelming to face period issues when you want to continue your day normally. Gladly, there are ways to reduce stress, cramps, and possible stains!

Ways to Reduce Cramp Pain

  • Avoid eating anything: salty, sugary, spicy and dairy related within the first few days. Cramps hit worse the first couple of days. Your body changes quickly during this time, from being bloated to the opposite. Good foods to eat include dark chocolate, fruit, chicken and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!
  • Take medication such as Midol or Advil after you eat. This reduces cramp pain. Don’t take medication on a empty stomach or it’ll make the cramps worse.
  • Take a hot shower or use a warm heating pad on your stomach. Hot water makes your body relax more. A heating pad also relaxes your stomach.

How to Reduce Stress

  • Go to a peaceful area such as your room or on a walk outside while listening to your favorite music.
  • Take time to rest with lots of blankets while watching a favorite movie or show with your favorite snacks.
  • Take deep breaths and slowly drink water. This is a good way to keep calm if you’re feeling stressed in a classroom.
  • It’s okay to let your emotions out. It’s normal to feel emotional on your period.
  • Talk to people you trust. Even being around someone you trust will be comforting and possibly change your mood positive.

How to Reduce Chances of Period Stains

  • Wear period shorts. These are black thick shorts that can be worn during night or during the day. They keep everything in place and work as extra protection in case an emergency flow occurs.
  • Wear baggy pants. Pants that are too tight make it easier to stain. Plus, with baggy pants or baggy jeans there’s more room for comfort.
  • Wear black pants. Even if something were to happen and you’d bleed through, this will make it almost impossible to notice.
  • Bring a jacket if you’re not sure if you bled through or not, so you can wrap it around your waist and hide any stains.