The GM El Camino, is it a car? or a truck?


Cruz Hernandez, contributor

The Chevrolet El Camino is a unique vehicle that has often been a subject of debate among car enthusiasts. Is it a car, or is it a truck? The answer is not straightforward and can depend on one’s definition of a car or a truck.

At first glance, the El Camino appears to be a car with its front end resembling a traditional car, but as one moves towards the rear, it has a cargo bed that looks like a truck. The El Camino was built on a car chassis, and its design was based on the Chevrolet Chevelle. The vehicle was designed to offer the practicality of a truck with the performance and styling of a car.

One argument for classifying the El Camino as a car is its handling characteristics. Since it was built on a car platform, it offers a smoother ride than a traditional truck. The El Camino’s low center of gravity and car-like suspension make it handle more like a car than a truck. Additionally, the El Camino’s body design is similar to a car, with a sleek aerodynamic profile that is not typical of a truck.

On the other hand, the El Camino’s cargo bed makes it more practical than a car. The bed is large enough to carry bulky items, and the tailgate can be lowered for easier loading and unloading. The cargo bed also makes the El Camino a useful vehicle for tradespeople who need to carry tools and equipment to job sites.

In terms of classification by the automotive industry, the El Camino is often referred to as a “coupe utility vehicle” or a “car-truck hybrid.” This classification acknowledges that the El Camino shares characteristics of both cars and trucks.

Ultimately, whether the El Camino is a car or a truck depends on one’s perspective. It can be argued that the El Camino is more of a car than a truck due to its handling and aerodynamic design. However, its cargo bed and practicality make it more of a truck than a car. The El Camino’s unique design has made it a popular collector’s item, and its classification as a car or a truck only adds to its allure.