Sunny’s Grow Log Week 1-4


Welcome to Sunny’s Grow Log! During this Series of articles, I will discuss what happens during a 4-week time period to my plants, all the problems I had encountered, what I think I could have done differently, and just general notes! This week i’ll cover what happened during week 1-4.

On February 4th, 2023, I decided to finally start a garden. I had been thinking about it for quite some time and that was the day after my seeds had arrived in the mail. I have never grown anything before this so don’t come at me for what I did. there is a method to Germinating (activating the seeds) in which you put them in a moist paper towel and leave them in a dark moist place for about a week, so that’s what I choose to do. I placed two in there and dumbly kept them in there for 2 weeks because I wasn’t sure the taproots were strong enough to put in soil. It worked fine but the problem was it would have been faster if I just had it in there until the taproots had just popped out, because they really didn’t need to be “strong enough.”

After I had transplanted the seeds into the soil (halfway through week 2), they really exploded and started growing really fast and became nice and green. Then halfway through week 3 they started to slow down a little bit, they still grew but it was considerably slower than week 2. week 4 I noticed small little spots on the leaves of one of the plants that looked like it was dried out, so I decided to water more, every 2-3 days because I thought that was the problem. For the rest of week 4 and even for a while after that the growing seemed to stop, and that kind of worried me. But Thats how week 1 through week 4 went, stay tuned for the next installment because this is going to be an ongoing series!

Thanks for reading!