do you ever have trouble finding ideas to write about?


Na'Shyla p. Sahagun, Writer

writing is pretty fun but, when it comes to thinking about an idea to write about. it’s hard. That comes to my question, do you ever have trouble finding an idea to write about? Because this happens to me all the time it’s hard to find something entertaining to write about. I am going to make a list of ideas to help people get a grasp of an idea.

  1. Your favorite:Person With Thought Bubble - ClipArt Best
  • Artist
  • foods
  • places that you visited and loved
  • musicLight Bulb Drawing | Free download on ClipArtMag
  • sports
  • sports team or/and player that you like

there’s always something that you love. your favorite.

2. write about your pets

describe how they look, like the color of their fur, and eyes.

3.  write about events:

events that are upcoming in your town or news that you find important or entering. ( I like to write about missing people cases to spread the word about them.)

  • if you are writing about cases or events you can use local news like Ksby, and Keyt.