Snapchat adds live location sharing and more - 9to5Mac


Snapchat has once again hooked its users up with its latest update; My AI.

Every user has their own AI friend who they can actually conversate with. You also have the option to customize your AI to your liking. Its become very popular because of the quick responses and surprisingly great advice your AI friend can give you. People on TikTok are now sharing their conversations and their own thoughts; “I love my ai I’m not lonely anymore“, “yo the AI is actually scary idk in some responses its like you’re talking to an actual person“, or “my ai is my therapist” Some are seeing their AI as “wholesome” or an actual friend.

People seem to be fascinated yet terrified on how crazy this actually is. You can literally say anything and the AI responds within a second to whatever you say. Not only that but you can ask history questions or math questions and it answers just as fast. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the AI carries a conversation much better than a human. There has been conflict about how accessible AI has become, especially to the youth. There are also those who say it going “too far” and want to get rid of it. Try it out yourself:)