Rabbits 101 (Part 1)


Savannah Vega, Writer

Here are the basics to know about rabbits if you plan on having one.

  1. First of all, NEVER grab a rabbit by it’s ears. Instead, place your hand under both arms and place your other hand under the rabbits feet for support.
  2. DO NOT bathe your rabbit! Unlike dogs, rabbits can go into shock while in water which can lead to sudden death. Rabbits are able to groom themselves like cats.
  3. Feed your rabbit hay and pellets daily. Let your rabbit have hay available 24/7. Hay is 80% of a rabbits diet. Include healthy fruit and vegetables regularly. Research the different portions you can give because too much of a fruit/veggie will create stomach issues.
  4. Don’t chase your rabbit. Rabbits are natural prey, so they have natural prey instincts. Chasing your rabbit will lose trust with them.
  5. Use a water bowl for water instead of a sipper water bottle. Sipper water bottles give small amounts of water at a time, which isn’t good for hydrating. Water bowls provide rabbits easier access to drink water to stay hydrated.