Eslabon Armado ‘DESVELADO’ Album Review


Isabella Ruiz

On April 28th, the group Eslabon Armado released a new album called ‘DESVELADO’. This group consists of two brothers and their friend, it’s a Mexican group which formed in 2017. Some of their most popular songs are ‘Jugaste y Sufri (ft. Dannylux)’, ‘Regresa Mami’, ‘Con Tus Besos’, and ‘HASTA LA MUERTE’.

Eslabon Armado has many sad heartbreak songs but also songs about love. This album focused on heartbreak and love. The title track is ‘Quien Es El?’ and theres multiple tracks featuring other artists like Peso Pluma and Dannylux. A trending song on the album is ‘Ella Baila Sola’ with Peso Pluma that was released as a single but also added on the album.

Every song on the album is very catchy and even if you aren’t in love or heartbroken the lyrics are deep. The guitar and trumpet and vocals tie so good together. Eslabon Armado have many wonderful songs that can really make you feel the words and instruments. ‘Quien Es El?’ is such an amazing song from this album, the lyrics talk about the heartbreak of your ex-lover having another person. Wanting to know who he is and if he treats her better and she’s happier.

Overall, this album has deep songs that make you want to curl up in a ball and sob. Eslabon Armado never disappoints with good music, and they will continue to make fantastic songs.