Rabbits 101 (Part 2)


Savannah Vega, Writer

Here is more important information to know about rabbits if you’re a rabbit owner.

  1. Common veggies rabbit CANNOT eat include: Potatoes, avocados, mushrooms and sweet peas. Avocados are toxic to rabbits which leads to death. DO NOT FEED ANY OF THESE TO YOUR RABBIT !
  2. Do NOT feed your rabbits any sort of human food/snacks. Such as cereal, chips, chocolate etc. These give rabbits stomach issues.
  3. Fixing your rabbit is recommended. Fixing refers to either spaying/neutering. Fixing your rabbit will increase their calmness and you won’t have to worry about it getting pregnant. Rabbits have multiple babies at a time and it is a struggle. It is extremely easy for a rabbit to get pregnant. Fix your rabbit before any problems occur. Your rabbit cannot get fixed when it is too young, wait until 6 months. Male rabbits can be violent but fixing them with reduce their hormones.
  4. Rabbits need enough space to run around. You can’t keep your rabbit in a small cage all day. It’s okay to keep your rabbit in a cage when it’s nighttime. Rabbits need a lot of room to move around.
  5. When your rabbit is running and jumping and wiggling at the same time, this is called binking/zooming. This means they are happy!