Which Dr. Pepper Flavor is the Best?


Micah Hall, contributor

Whether or not you like Dr. Pepper, you have to agree that it is a classic soda. In the past, Dr. Pepper has released many flavors and recently, Dr. Pepper just released a new flavor, Strawberries and Cream, and it’s all the rave right now. Their new Strawberries and Cream flavor has become quite popular upon its release. Most people I know are excited to try the new flavor of soda due to it being different. Ive heard many great things about the new Dr. Pepper flavor, but this new flavor leads me to wonder how many different flavors of Dr. Pepper are there?


According to the Dr. Pepper website, there are 6 flavors with their variations of original, diet, and zero sugar. These flavors include classic, cherry, cream soda, cherry vanilla, caffeine free, cane sugar, and strawberries and cream. Based on popular opinion the order would go 14. strawberries and cream zero sugar, 13. cane sugar, 12. diet caffeine free, 11. caffeine free, 10. strawberries and cream, 9. zero sugar, 8. zero sugar cream soda, 7. diet, 6. cherry zero sugar, 5. diet cherry vanilla, 4. cream soda, 3. cherry, 2. cherry vanilla, and 1. classic.