Morgan Wallen Cancels Shows for Six Weeks


Micah Hall, Contributor

Earlier this week, Morgan Wallen released a video of himself on Instagram explaining that he cannot go on to perform for the next six weeks. Last month on the 15th, fans in Oxford, Mississippi were outraged when Morgan cancelled his show last minute. His openers had already performed and the audience had already drove down and purchased drinks and food expecting a concert.  He had cancelled his show due to loss of voice and rescheduled his show. After playing three more shows after that in Florida, he posted a 6 week break ordered by his doctor.


fans are worried for Morgans health as of right now. Hopefully after his rest he can return fully recovered and give us his 110%. Some fans refuse to listen to his music anymore due to this cancelling of shows. I personally think that people should stop complaining as they are being reimbursed and having their shows rescheduled. Morgan needs to take a rest break to continue his career.