Na'Shyla P. Sahagun, Writer

before reading this there are going to be spoilers.

In 1996, the first-ever scream was released having the best opening of all time. The opening scene in the first Scream movie was ghost face asking Casey Becker the most iconic line “What’s your favorite scary movie?’. In 2022, The same opening scene happened in Scream 5, ghost face asking Tara the iconic question.

A fact about the first scream that I find interesting is that Casey was shown at the beginning of the movie and her face takes up the whole poster, and she wasn’t the main character, she was the first to get killed off.

1996 Scream Movie Poster Print Sidney Prescott Dewey Woodsboro 🔪🚨🍿 | eBay My second favorite scream movie after (1996) Scream, is Scream 4 (2011), the ghost face in this movie was my favorite ghost face, she was one of the smartest ghost faces. The efforts to pin it on Charlie Walker the other ghost faces her “lover”. She wanted everyone to feel bad for her just like they did for Sidney but, even the smartest ghost face was killed at the end of the movie.

The newest Scearm movie came out this year on March 10, 23. Scream 6 was the first scream movie to take place in a big city, new york.