Sunny’s Grow Log Week 5-7


Welcome to Sunny’s Grow Log! During this series of articles, I will discuss what happens during a 4-week time period to my plants, all the problems I encountered, what I think I could have done differently, and just general notes! This week I’ll cover what happened during weeks 5-7

Week 5 began May 7th

Week 5 started out with great growth in my plants for a couple of days but ended up slowing down again, the leaves became droopy and looked sadder but were still getting incredibly large compared to the weeks prior. Originally, I thought it was a nutrient problem so I feed it some more, I noticed it did not change. I spoke to one of my friends that happened to be a gardener, and she explained to me that it might be that I’m watering at the wrong times in the day. She said that it is best to water during morning or night so that the water has time to evaporate or be absorbed into the plant, so the sun doesn’t burn it. So, I switched watering times and watered it twice every 3 days morning and night and that has seemed to solve it. The leaves are once again perky and lively. Week 6 and the leaves are really big and new ones are even forming! Week 7 had some quiet, steady, and almost unnoticeable growth. The new leaves weirdly have a different shape to it, so now I have 3 different sets of leaves!