Red Eyed “Killer Rabbits”

Red Eyed Killer Rabbits

Savannah Vega, Writer

Why do some rabbits have red eyes? Rabbits with red eyes have no iris, so the red color is from blood vessels. These rabbits with “evil red eyes” are actually albino. You may ask, why am I referring these rabbits to “evil” and “killer?” This is what people usually say to albino rabbits. Because of their condition, these rabbits are less likely to be adopted. The albino appearance can scare people once you compare albino rabbits to other rabbits.

The only difference between albino rabbits and other rabbits are the fur/eye color and their eyesight. It’s harder for them to see. People assume these rabbits have a bad behavior with “evil intentions” but they DO NOT! Albino rabbits are NOT evil, killers, the devil etc. They deserve love as much as any other pet. Albino rabbits have higher rates to be euthanized at animal shelters, meaning put to their death because no one wants them.

These rabbits deserve better.