Best Prom Suits


Micah Hall, contributor

Having troubles deciding what to wear to prom?  Well this article is here to help. Prom is a major event for all seniors in high school. Its one of the dances you don’t want to miss.With the Righetti prom approaching this Saturday, I’m going to show you which suit combos look the best.

  1. Classic black and white tux: You can’t beat a classic black and white tuxedo. Its a timeless outfit with class and style
  2. Mismatched colors: There’s no harm in not matching tops and bottoms. Many people like to accentuate with this type of suit
  3. Colored coat w/black shirt and pants: This suit is a sleek combo. It makes you look like you have maybe a bit of money.
  4. Colored vest and black tux: This suit is a bit of an upgrade from the classic tux. A little bit of customization always looks amazing.