Bored in Santa Maria? Here’s 5 Things To Do With a friend in Santa Maria!

Bored in Santa Maria? This town doesn’t have much to do for us teens, but in this small list I’ll give you 5 fun things to do with your friends in Santa Maria, California!

#1 – Drive Around!

It doesn’t matter if its driving, skating, biking, and doesn’t even matter where you’re going, it’s always fun to vibe out with your friends and just get out! It’s also nice to just explore our nice little city and see places that you would never see otherwise. Bring a speaker, put on some music, and vibe around town!

#2 – Eat!

It’s no secret Santa Maria is famous for our cooking, so it makes sense that we would have so many great restaurants! Where-ever you go in this town there is bound to be a great place to eat around the corner. Just sit-down and talk!

#3 – The Mall!

Santa Maria’s mall certainly has no shortage of things to do, and 3 hours there can feel like 15 minutes If you know where to go!

Fun places to try – The Arcade, Trend Setters 805, Footlocker, Spencer’s, and Bath and Body Works. 

#4 – Big Stores!

Sometimes when you’re hanging out with your friends, and your too broke or just plain can’t think of anything else, it’s fun to just walk around stores. Big Stores like Target, Walmart, Dick’s, and the Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Store can be great time killers and just a fun place to hang-out and restock on snacks!

#5 – Movies!

The classic movie theatre is a perfect place to hang out with your friends! watch the latest and greatest movies, grab some snacks, and vibe out on the nice comfy chairs! Is there much else to say?