Homemade Skate Wax Chronicles – Pt.1

Homemade Skate Wax Chronicles - Pt.1

So recently, I’ve been wanting to get into skating a little more seriously and as you may or may not know, waxing helps keep you friction-less when grinding. I stumbled across a video on YouTube about how to make wax at home and I was like, “hey, I should totally do that.” The way to make actually good/decent wax is to use beeswax but I’m too broke, so this article is just about me struggling to makeshift max from random things at home!

So, my first try I got 3 mini candles we had laying around from the dollar tree and put them into an old jam jar I had washed out for an earlier project. It was cracked just a tiny bit from said earlier project because it didn’t go too well but I said screw it because I was going to be “careful.” It could hold water and that was good enough for me. It lasted probably a total of a good 10 minutes before it busted and hot wax spilled everywhere, but luckily, I was not in the way, and it just went all over the stove.

Also, a little disclaimer, don’t play with boiling wax at home. It’s very dangerous and can burn you very fast. 

But anyway, from that I learned one valuable lesson, if you wet a paper towel, heat it on the stove on high for 10 seconds or until its steaming, it will do a great job at cleaning and getting off all the wax that you accidentally spilled all over the counter.

My second try, I used a nice little tin container, and it works quite nicely. I used the same old wax that I melted down last time and managed to save + 2 more mini candles and some crayons to add color. It turned out good this time, I kept the heat on low, so it didn’t boil, and I got it to harden up when I was finished. One thing I noticed was that it didn’t have the same kind of consistency as the actual skate wax I have. It acted more like a disk-shaped crayon in that it kind of just colored the board. I haven’t tested it out yet, but it looks like it did its job pretty much. Next time I am going to try adding some more ingredients to it and we will see how it goes.