Boys Varsity Water Polo

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Boys Varsity Water Polo

Josiah Perez, Head Editor

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August 27th, vs Arroyo Grande (Win)

Righetti 16, AG 9

August 31st, vs Dana Hills (Lose)

Righetti 10, Dana Hills 14

September 4th, vs San Luis Obispo (Win)

Righetti 18, SLO 4

September 5th, vs Cathedral Catholic (Lose)

Righetti 5, Cathedral Catholic 15

September 6th, vs San Marcos (Win)

Righetti 15, San Marcos 10

September 6th, vs La Serna (Win)

Righetti 15, La Serna 11

September 6th, vs Sir Francis Drake (Win)

Righetti 8, Sir Francis Drake 4

September 7th, vs South Pasadena (Lose)

Righetti 9, South Pasadena 13

September 12th, vs Santa Barbara (Lose)

Righetti 12, SB 14

September 18th, vs Morro Bay (Win)

Righetti 18, Morro Bay 7

September 19th, vs Los Osos (Lose)

Righetti 9, Los Osos 13

September 20th, vs La Serna (Win)

Righetti 13, La Serna 9

September 24th, vs Atascedero (Win)

Righetti 22, Atascedero 9

September 26th, vs Cerritos (Win)

Righetti 18, Cerritos 4

September 26th, vs Yorba Linda (Win)

Righetti 12, Yorba Linda 5

September 27th, vs Redlands East Valley (Win)

Righetti 10, Redlands East Valley 7

September 28th, vs Laguna Beach (Lose)

Righetti 6, Laguna Beach 13

September 28th, vs Rio Americano (Win)

Righetti 9, Rio Americano 8

October 1st, vs Arroyo Grande (Win)

Righetti 10, AG 5

October 3rd, vs Dos Pueblos (Lose)

Righetti 14, Dos Pueblos 19

October 8th, vs San Luis Obispo (Win)

Righetti 23, SLO 4

October 19th, vs Carlsbad (Lose)

Righetti 5, Carlsbad 15

October 23rd, vs Morro Bay (Win)

Righetti 21, Morro Bay 9

October 29th, vs Atascadero (Win)

Righetti 23, Atascadero 5

November 9th, vs Clovis North (Win)

Righetti 15, Clovis North 11