Haunted House

An Interview with Ms. Carlson


Mikayla Zarate, Writer

Last year, the First Annual Righetti Haunted House was a smashing success, managing to delight both children and adults. It seemed to have it all, with its spooky, creepy and spine chilling Haunted Mansion themed decorations, and amazing actors waiting around every corner. This year, the 2nd annual Righetti Haunted House is sure to be a big hit! 


This year will Clown/Circus themed, as promised by the classes promotional video (https://rhslegend.com/1250/news/2nd-annual-haunted-house/) and it promises great excitement, and high spooks! 


We sat down with Ms. Carlson for a quick interview about this years Haunted House. 


How Many Rooms Do You Plan On Having?

“We have eleven rooms, but we’re counting three hallways as rooms, because things happen in the hallways.” -Ms. Carlson


Why Did You Choose Clowns For This Years Theme?

“We started off with the theme of carnival, and kind of a side show, but it morphed into a story of a clown; a killer clown…The carnival comes to each town and…people start going missing.”


Was Last Year’s Haunted House Profitable? 

“Yes, we made three thousand dollars!”


What Is Your Favorite Part Of Creating The Haunted House?
My favorite part is painting the floors, but… I (also) enjoy seeing it all come together with the students… This one is especially their baby because they all presented ideas, and what they wanted… I personally find the clown thing a little scary but that’s the point, its a haunted house.”


How Many Actors Are You Expected To Have?

“I think 40.. It is a lot, because we have a lot of people interested in wanting to do it… We are extending it beyond the haunted house, and we will be having some carnival activities around the outsides.”


Do You Believe In Ghosts?

“I personally don’t, but we have a haunted theatre and (the ghost’s) name is Gavin.”


Remember, a tour through the creepy carnival is only 5 bucks a tour! Opened on the 20th, the 26th and 27th, from 4 to 9 PM. Kid Friendly Tours 4-5, and Fright tours 6-9, in room 403.