Josiah Perez, Head Editor

The Kinderpatch, held near the Ag classrooms and basketball courts, is organized every year here at Righetti by the Future Farmers of America club. This year, FFA hosted the free, non-profit event for the 25th time, having started in 1994.

The event took place on Friday, October 25th from 8 AM to 12 PM. It had over 200 Ag students to help organize and about 600 kindergartners were expected to show up as well. There were many activities the kindergartners were able to participate in. They ranged from pumpkin bowling, a hay maze, a petting zoo, pumpkin and face painting, a jumping house and many more.

Taiz Delgado (in the black) and her crew who also participated

Taiz Delgado, who hosted pumpkin bowling, was “thrilled to see the whole event come together” as it was her and the leadership class who helped plan Kinderpatch. She also told me how the event is beneficial for both the students and kindergartners who participate. One way was that it allows students to “get to know the agriculture industry” first hand through volunteering. Two is because it works as a gateway for kindergartners into agriculture and FFA, which “brings a lot of opportunities to them” for a brighter future.