Red Lobster Review


Mikayla Zarate, Writer

Red Lobster is a casual dining, seafood restaurant originally founded in Lakeland Florida on January 18, 1968. Sense the first restaurant opened it has become a popular restaurant chain in America, known for its great seafood and heavenly Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Red Lobster includes a variety of different seafood options like crab, fish, mollusks, clams, shrimp and, obviously, lobster. It also serves chicken, pasta, and steak dishes, along with dessert. My personal favorite food from there is the Shrimp Alfredo, and my favorite entree is the clam chowder. 

The waiters and waitresses that work at Red Lobster are always incredibly kind, helpful and provide quick, amazing service. The price for the food leans a little on the more expensive side, but they are worth the price for people who have the money. It’s a great casual place to go to if you are going on a date, or hanging out with a group of friends. 

I’ve always loved going to Red Lobster for dinner, and so has my family. We go when ever we can, and we can’t wait to go back again. If anyone is looking for a nice place for some good seafood, head on over Red Lobster.