Juice WRLD and The Generation That Glorifies Drugs


Juice WRLD and The Generation That Glorifies Drug Abuse 

This past Sunday, December 8th to be exact, Jarad Anthony Higgins, better known as Juice WRLD, suffered a seizure at the Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois, and later died after being transported to the hospital.  The saddest part about this? He had just turned 21 years old 6 days prior. Juice often glorified drugs in his songs, much like his predecessors of the soundcloud rap genre. He had recently said in an interview that he was living a healthier lifestyle and was abstaining from all substances, besides marijuana.   Sadly, his death was ultimately caused, because he succumbed to his addiction. Reports stated that the day of his death, his bodyguards had brought weapons on his private jet, which inclined his pilot to report it to ground control before they landed. Juice also had approximately 70 pounds of marijuana on him, along with percocet and codeine-promethazine syrup, otherwise known as “lean.”  Juice had apparently gotten wind that the feds were waiting for his arrival at the airport, to search him. Upon hearing this, he panicked, and, according to his friends that were on his jet, he swallowed several percocet to avoid them being discovered. When he arrived, he was searched, and while his luggage was being gone through, he started convulsing, and according to witnesses “broke into a violent and scary seizure”  Though paramedics spent 40 minutes at the scene trying to revive him, including administering 2 doses of Narcan, an emergency medication used in the treatment of suspected opioid overdoses, he wasn’t coherent, and died soon after. This is a tragic situation that should have been prevented, and it starts with our generation and the way we glorify drugs. Lil Pump, one of Juice’s peers in the soundcloud rap era, makes it seem like addiction is something to be proud of, even having a song that’s titled “Drug Addicts.”  One of Juice’s breakout songs, “Lean Wit Me” is about drugs and alcohol, and how he doesn’t like to be sober. At the time it came out, it was a song people vibed to, but looking back, it’s hard to listen to a song that glorifies the very thing that killed him at such a young age. The point of this article is that drugs are not something to play with, and certainly not a coping mechanism, they are not only destructive to your mental and physical health, but to your family’s as well. This generation is the generation that glorifies drug use, and hopefully the death of such a talented, young artist like Juice will be a wake up call to other celebrities and normal people alike.  


December 2nd, 1998- December 8th, 2019