Tutoring Opportunities at Mckenzie Intermediate


Josiah Perez, Head Editor

Tutoring opportunities for Righetti students in Guadalupe are soon to open at the Kermit Mckenzie Intermediate School campus. This is both an opportunity for students who live in Guadalupe to receive academic help from their peers, and an opening for students to become a tutor. The purpose of the program, as said by the the College and Career Center Specialist, Mr. Solis, is “to accommodate the students living in Guadalupe” and to “provide another resource for the students” living there as well.

At the moment, the tutoring services are not yet open at Mckenzie. The Career Center is currently collecting applications from potential tutors, but Mr. Solis says “once the [applications] are cleared and the interviews are cleared”, they will begin to kick-start the actual program. They will also “start promoting the days and times” of the sessions that are, in fact, planned to model the current tutoring sessions already set up in the library here at Righetti. Of which take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2PM to 4PM. The Mckenzie tutor sessions as of now are planned to be located in the school’s library.

Danny Solis

As for the tutor position; it is open to all juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. However, the Career Center is, more specifically, looking “for students that are going to be good role models…students that have a good academic standing and show they have a good grasp of a specific subject”, according to Mr. Solis. Willingness to work in groups as well as individually with another student is expected of the tutors just the well. The operation will be overseen by a teacher, so the tutors will have someone they can reference if they need to.                                                            The position is beneficial to students not only because of its pay. It can also help students develop many different skills, such as working with others, leadership and role modeling. If you are looking to work in education or with the youth as a career, this is an especially golden opportunity for you to get a head-start on field experience.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor yourself, see Mr. Solis in the Career Center. You will need to fill out an application, request a letter of recommendation from one of your teachers and complete an interview.