5 Interesting Jobs You Probably Never Heard of

5 Interesting Jobs You Probably Never Heard of

Jordyn Rae

Professional Cuddler:  Professional Cuddlers want to provide a sense of acceptance and a safe place for someone to unwind and relax for an ultimate ‘stress reliever’. You can make up to $40,000 a year with this profession and people charge up to $80 per 90min/3hr session. The cuddlers do the session’s one on one, fully clothed, consent from both sides, and big, warm opening arms! If you’re a person who loves to comfort others and lay down with complete strangers you do not know for up to three hours- this job is for you!

Snake Milker: If you are deathly afraid of reptiles, this job is not for you! This occupation requires you to remove (milk) the venom from various, poisonous snakes like mambas, cobras and pythons. This is done by gripping the snake behind the head in such a way to expose its fangs. The snake is then encouraged to bite down on a special container which collects the venom which drops from the fangs. One gram of snake venom could cost up to $2,000- almost as much as the monthly pay!

Duck Master: If you want to get paid by training, feeding, and taking care of adorable little animals (and get paid 75k+ a year) an occupation of a duck master is right for you! These jobs are available in hotels, such as the Peabody in Memphis, TN. The little furry critters live on the hotel roofs by night and entertain guests in the lobby by day, working a total of six hours per day, 11am-5pm.

Golf Ball Diver: Do you ever wonder what happens to those pesky golf balls when they sink to the bottom of lakes or other large bodies of water? Well, they get picked up by these professional golf ball divers that retrieve the balls which are then cleaned, repackaged, and resold. The annual income of this profession could range from $50,000-$100,000 a year. They work around four hours a week and on an average day collect 4,000 golf balls. From someone’s bad day of golf, leaves a happy golf diver with a good day of work.

Pet Food Tester: The job of a pet food tester is pretty self-explanatory in the name, but there is more than just revolting thought of tasting the food that is being distributed through stores to your pets. This job requires you to not only taste the food, but takes notes regarding each pet delicacy. You are not entirely required to swallow the food, rather most of the time people just spit it out, you are only required to chew it for a certain amount of time. If you are not much of an adventurous person, excited and ready to try new things (such as pet food) for 40k a year, this job probably is not for you!