Jordyn Rae, Writer

On Saturday, February 8, the Righetti Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) went to the annual UC Santa Barbra Education leadership, and Careers Conference (ELCC). Mrs. Miranda and 13 other EAOP students attended the conference. These pre- college programs give talented high school students the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary and hands-on research on the campus.   The conference gave way to communicate and meet with different industry professionals, take advice and learn about college success strategies from different college students. It also offered raffles with a chance to win amazing prizes!

If you are interested in joining EAOP, no matter the grade, you can talk with Mrs. Miranda in the Career Center. EAOP includes many benefits including college planning meetings, free SAT/ACT Prep (SAT/ACT Acadamy), visiting the UCSB campus and attend the Leadership Conference, detailed assistance with US/CSU/Private/Community College and SAT/ACT processes, and lastly, invitation to A-G and UC-On-Track receptions and events! Get ahead of the game and start preparing for college at EAOP!