Who is Captain America?


Calista Freeland

Captain America has been around since 1941, and he’s sure made a lot of changes.

Appearing in the Captain America Comics, Captain America was portrayed as a devoted American and supersoldier who fought against the Axis powers during World War II, which was a current topic when the comics were published in the 1940s. In 1950, the comic book was discontinued, since many stopped reading once the war ended in 1945. In 1964, Captain America was once again a part of Marvel Comics and has remained a beloved superhero since.

Who is Captain America? Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers. At first, Rogers was seen as weak and frail, but after being enhanced into absolute human perfection by the United States government with a special serum, he worked to fight against Hitler and the Nazi Party of World War II. After being encapsulated in ice, he is revived in the present day and becomes one of the respected leaders of the Avengers, along with Tony Stark (Iron Man).

Captain-america serial poster.jpg  

In 1944, Captain America made his first on-screen appearance in the black-and-white serial film, Captain America. Various films have been made since then, including a 1990 film by Albert Pyun and the recent Marvel Avengers movies in which he is played by Chris Evans. Captain America has been through quite a bit of change throughout the years, especially through his outfit. Even throughout Chris Evans’ time as Captain America, there have been some altercations to his armor.

The most drastic physical changes can be found between the original baby-blue costume with the wings on his helmet and the newer, shiny armor. In conclusion, Captain America has made a lot of changes since 1941, but he will always be the patriotic superhero we all know and love.