How was Your Summer?

(Pandemic Edition)


Jordyn Rae, Editor

Summer 2020 was not the summer we at all anticipated coming into the year- let alone the emergence of the pandemic. Being ‘quarantined’ with family for the entire time that is supposed to be the most fun, enjoyable, stress-free part of the year, was obviously a massive downer that may or may not have affected our mental well-being in a negative way…

Here are some responses from a few of our fellow warrior friends answering the question: “What did you do over summer and how has this pandemic affected you?”

“Over the summer I swam a lot, and the pandemic affected me by not letting me see my friends, and just made me feel super lazy.”– Katy Renee, Sophomore

Are Swimming Pools a Burden for Your Community Association? | CAI-IL“I watched T.V. and took an online course. I just miss being with friends and lack of social contact.” –Vignesh Neer, Sophmore

“I had a lot of time on my hands and to use this extra time to work out and train to be a better athlete for my sports, which are football and track, and I also learned to get better and play a lot of golf during the pandemic, I spent some time with friends and family going Football: City and Southern Section quarterfinal schedule - Los Angeles Timescamping at Red Rock twice, and I played a lot of video games.”– Elijah Swanson,  Junior

“This summer I mostly surfed and worked lol not too much. This pandemic hasn’t really affected me that much because I haven’t lost anyone close to me from the virus. I hope things can open up soon when considered safe.”– Kyra Allen, Senior

“Over summer I’ve been writing songs and thinking about the future. How the pandemic has affected me is that it made me feel lazy and I just wanted to give up, but I just kept thinking positive and started talking to positive people, and then I started feeling more confident in myself.”– Malachi Broome, Junior

“Honestly, while the pandemic has certainly made life overall more complicated, I feel as though some things have become more accessible and easier to accomplish. Getting things I need to get done has been easier because I have less outside distractions and more time. In-state travel has been much easier as well, allowing me to take a family trip to San Diego. Also, as a photographer, closure has freed up my schedule by a huge amount. It’s allowed me not only to get more clients, but take more interesting shots, like photos that represent our lives in a pandemic, and, “Quarantine Portraits.” I try to live an optimistic life, so I look at the upside of things and make the best of whatever situation I’m in.”– Tanner Frost, SeniorPhotography as Art: What Makes an Excellent Photographer? - Mistral Photography

“Staying home all day gets tiresome, however, I was able to create stronger relationships with my family and friends. In addition, with all the time I had, I was able to get a job!”– Julia Arellano, Senior

It is glad to hear that this summer many people were able to take advantage of this grim situation and make some good out of it. Weather it be focusing on hobbies, getting outdoors, spending time with some family and friends, or even getting a job, it is always good to keep yourself busy and not get too caught up in the seemingly never-ending bad news- especially in a time like this.