Should schools should make changes for their Students?

Should schools should make changes for their Students?

  School is a noun it is a place where ~  students suck on an information test instead of learning how to feed themselves. School should have more classes for more important life skills-like money management,interpersonal communication,etc. Schools should incorporate students into existing classes like how to build credit,picking the right health insurance, social emotional learning,etc. And not learning how to solve for x. It’s important for everyone to learn this if you’re going to college or not. It is important to me and should be to everyone because it would make life easier if they knew how to do these things.

   As a student I know that not everyone is prepared to graduate high school. Being prepared is knowing how to pay bills, how to pick the health insurance, how to build credit, picking the college, and an idea of what we want to do for a career. That’s being prepared. I asked 4 people and only 1 of them said that they were prepared. I was surprised by two of the four. One is a senior and the other one is done with school. Joanna(the senior)said,”I thought I knew what I wanted to do for my career and now I don’t know anymore, so no I am not ready to graduate.” Frankie said,”I thought I was but when I graduated I realized I was so wrong, school doesn’t teach you sh*t about real life.” I read the Ted-Ed blog called “does school prepare students for the real world? This teen speaker says no” By Adora Svitak. During the talk Windsor  High school student  Aliezah Hulett advocate for schools to teach more real-life skills to their students learn more about sex education, how to deal with hard situations, teachers should ask their class ask their students how they can use these lessons outside of the classroom. With that said school doesn’t teach the valuable skills we need to get through life.

  While researching the topic I found two websites and Golden Arrow which had many points that supported what I am trying to say. My first states,”schools do not put enough effort into making sure students have a plan after high school.” My second source points out,”Even though schools do teach helpful skills like perseverance,responsibility and social skills, they fail to connect the material to why it matters and struggle to make sure the students can be independent after high school.” Schools should change their requirements to back up their  students and teach them things that are useful, things they will remember because it will make their life a little easier. William Damon said,” Only about five young people in the 12-to-22 year range express a clear vision of where they want to go, what they want to accomplish in life and why.” In the newspaper article it states,” instead of learning critical life skills on how to manage money, negotiate or how to communicate, kids are mostly taught how to memorize information.” With all the sources that I read it gave me the realization that not many people are ready to be on their own given all the years they spent in school, all the lectures they learned from the teachers, all the information they memorized was no use since they don’t use them in their daily life.

   Do you think high school taught you enough or at all? Cause I feel (as a student) that high school only prepares its students for college not everyone is going. High school teaches you the periodic table and how to find the measurement of a triangle. Will we ever use those types of problems? No, I don’t think so. What we need to learn is how to manage our money, how to pick the right health insurance,etc. These are the classes/topics that we really need.

   School is a noun it is a place where students suck on an information test instead of learning how to feed themselves. School should be a place where you get all the information you need to get through life. It should be a place where you feel confident enough to make your own decisions knowing you are doing the right thing for yourself/life.