Nipomo Diy Skatepark

Plans for Nipomo DIY skatepark

Brandon Plastino

The Nipomo diy skatepark or the Rec is built on what used to be the Nipomo Recreation Center, which burned down in 2008. It’s located right off of South Frontage Road or next to Little Jocko’s. It has been torn down three times since it’s first build in 2010 and is home to homeless and skaters alike. Also since it’s a diy skate park that means it is completely funded out of the pockets of skaters. It’s not government funded and it’s the best skate park on the central coast.

Since the third  rebuilding of the Rec it has only gone up hill and has proven to be a great place for the community. It keeps kids out of the street from doing bad things and skaters destroying public property. Also skaters have managed to keep it pretty clean disposing of trash.

But with the new Nipomo skatepark on it’s way , now receiving more funding and the plans are ready to go. But their is $600,000 dollars that still needs to be raised for funding and the estimated project will cost 1.5 million to complete. But with this news the Rec could be coming to an end since it’s built on private property and the skatepark is yet to come.

( Click this to see updated photos of the Rec and Testimony from my friends on why we think it should stay )