A Silent Voice Review


A Silent Voice Review

By: Carys Tomilloso


This movie was made by Naoko Yamada. It is an animation/romance about a boy and a deaf girl who eventually become friends when they get older. The name of the boy in this movie is Shoya and the girl’s name is Shoku.


A Silent Voice is definitely a tear-jerker that shows how a person can learn from their mistakes so they might be able to change themselves in the future. When Shoya was younger he used to bully Shouku because he didn’t believe/understand that Shouku was deaf. Eventually Shouku moved to a different school and Shoya would turn into the kid that nobody even wants to be friends with. He felt bad as he got older and learned sign language so that he could maybe have a chance to befriend Shouku.


The animation in this movie is clear and it’s easy to understand what the characters are trying to do. The facial expressions make it clear about what emotion that the characters are feeling, as always the food in this type of movie looks better than in real life. For anyone that wants to watch this movie, it is on Netflix under the anime section.