Major Plans for the Enos Ranch House


Kelsie Barba, Writer

If you have ever lived in Santa Maria long enough, you’ve probably seen or heard of the run-down “haunted” looking house located just behind the Enos Ranch Business Center and Costco. This house is known as the Enos Ranch House, the oldest house to ever be built in the valley. One of the most popular sights of the city, there have been many rumors and misconceptions circulating about this house, the most common rumor being that this house is in fact haunted. Whether many believe the house is haunted or not, that is not the case. Earning the nickname, “Haunted House”, this historic farmhouse was built in 1871 by a family of pioneers known as the Smiths and was then later purchased by Portugese immigrant Joe Enos in 1901. After Enos purchased the house, he had turned it into a farmhouse where he and his family resided for a while. After time, the house became vacant and abandoned. With the rustic farmhouse currently in the process of being renovated, the house has been completely stripped and emptied inside, according to pictures from the Santa Maria Times.

With these upcoming months approaching, the old Enos Ranch House is set to see some new upgrades and improvements. According to the Santa Maria Times, this historic house is to receive a full makeover, starting with reconstruction on the exterior of the building. Further plans for the house include adding a garden, orchard, and community center. Exterior work on the house includes receiving a fresh new coat of paint as well as reconstruction of the roof and completely replacing it. The Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Department officials hope to include the Enos Ranch House within a park and intend for the area to be used for weddings and such events. Although the house is due for some major improvements, funding and completion of other sites is a major factor to be included in this project before it can be completed. The house is currently being constructed on and the garden & community center portion is still being planned, according to Recreations and Parks Assistant Director Brett Fulgoni.

According to KEYT, the project is being named as “The Enos Ranch House and Gardens” and renovation for the house is said to be estimated around $450,000+, according to Santa Maria Recreation and Parks Director Alex Posada. Many community members of Santa Maria have expressed how much they want to see the house be saved and turned into a historical landmark. The Enos Ranch House is the only historical piece of property in Santa Maria which has been preserved for many years. This house is extremely significant to Santa Maria’s past, providing citizens with a glimpse into the city’s past infrastructure. With the year nearing its end in just a few months, officials hope to complete most of the renovation by the winter season.