The Henry Stickmin Games- Game Review


When people look at the title of this article, most people are not going to recognize the game at all. But without even knowing it, this dumb, meme -filled, create your own adventure game made by Puffballs Studio and Inner Sloth. 

But without even knowing it, this dumb, meme create your own adventure game has more than it meets the eye. Henry Stickmin is a videogame series created by Inner Sloth having the main character. Henery Stickmen is about the main title character getting himself into crazy adventures including breaking into a bank, trying to escape prison, stopping an evil crime organization with his friend Charles, etcetera etcetera, and you as the player making choices among various items to continue the game. Some will lead to hilarious endings, some will lead to even more hilarious continuations. This game is honestly a fun entertaining game to play; it even inspired a Youtube Giant and even helped lead to the success of arguably the biggest video game of 2020. Let’s get into it!

Henry Smugmin | The Henry Stickmin Collection | Know Your Meme

Now, this video games series is not planning to be groundbreaking. It doesn’t want to be the next Bioshock, Undertale, God of War, or Mario. No, it really wants to be a stupid great time. A  literal joke game. A game that you can snicker and laugh your little head at. (Henry Stickmin’s face to right says exactly what you’re getting into.) This game has a great sense of energy and humor, being filled with enough references to memes, videogames, anime, movies, and comics that it will be impossible for you to know all of them, and even then you’ll still laugh at how bizarre it is. And, if one doesn’t land, don’t worry, there are 10 more jokes coming that will make you laugh. One of my favorite jokes that makes me laugh every time is when both Henry and his friend Ellie are trying is to escape the complex, and they need to distract the guards. There are three options: Distraction, Disguise, and Whoopee Cushion. If you choose Distraction you get this:

Top 20 Henry Stickmin GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

You might recognize this dance as a meme, and this just proves that this random, dumb, and hilarious to watch/ play. And I like how it is just as much fun to watch it as to play it. There are videogames that can be very boring to watch someone play or just some games that it is just better to see reactions of playthroughs but the Stickmin games, you will enjoy as much when you’re watching a person reacting to the game. Henry Stickmin is a game that I will highly recommend if you want to get a laugh and in the year 2020, we need to laugh. You can get the game on Steam if you can’t pay for it, there are hundreds of playthroughs to watch as well.

Okay, when I said this game didn’t want to be a groundbreaking videogame series, but it surprisingly has more than it intended. There is this Youtuber, who played Henry Stickmin and it gave him huge success and his name is Mark Fischbach AKA Markiplier. People would say that he got popular off playing the Five Nights at Freddy’s game but Henry Stickmin was another that helped him become successful, and truly formed his brand. Markiplier was very entertaining to watch him play through the games and have a good laugh rather than being overdramatic and scared all the time in horror games. These games also inspire him to create A Heist With Markiplier, a first-person Youtube series about you helping Markiplier steal an ancient artifact, and when you steal it strange things begin to happen. It is a choose your own adventure just like the Henry Stickmin Games, where your choices can lead to multiple endings and have some crazy hijinks with yours truly, Markiplier. A Heist of Markiplier turn out to be a huge success and later this year he is going to be making A Heist of Markiplier 2.

Mark (@markiplier) | Twitter A Heist with Markiplier | Official Trailer - YouTube

The Henry Stickmin also gave success to a videogame that has been trending for the last few months and the game is called Among Us. Most of you know Among Us is like Mafia or Werewolf where you play as a crewmate and your job is to complete all the tasks. But there is at least one of you that is an imposter and your job is to kill every single crewmate until there are just enough crewmates as imposters. It is up to the crewmates to try and find the imposters and kill them off of finish all the tasks before it’s too late. It has been trending in 2020 but the game was created in 2018, so how did start to trend now? Well, it is once again thanks to Henry Stickmin. On August 7th, 2020 Inner Sloth released the collection of Henry Stickmin which brought all the games together and the last game in the Stickmin series Complete the Mission. And in the game, there are easter eggs hidden in plain sight where you can collect all of the colored crewmates throughout the games, and if you do you get an achievement in the game. People found out about Among Us because of the easter eggs, people starting playing it on Twitch and the rest is from there.

Among Us on SteamHenry Stickmin: Completing the Mission - "Assemble the Crew" Achievement - YouTube

It really does surprise me that this simple game leads to so many other successes for so many other games and people. It truly is a unique game, and a game people need this year. If you are interested in playing one of the greatest comedy game series of the 2010s, then please head over to steam and buy Completing the mission. It is 30$ but seeing as it’s six games in one then it is totally worth it.