Haunted Places in Santa Maria

Haunted houses and many others locations are a place in stories and movies. But what if I told you that places like that actually exist here, in our own hometown!

Let us start with places locally that you may or may not know are haunted!

Foster and Blosser Rd intersection

Right next to Pioneer Park, It is said that a woman in white is set to be haunting this intersection. There are two explanations of how this girl died. One is that the girl was murdered while the other is that she died in a drag racing accident.



Some paranormal experiences people have is that they see a woman sitting in the back of their car through their rear view mirror.



Me and three of my relatives had some experiences near this intersection. Starting with my two aunts, they both had similar experiences of having the feeling of someone sitting in their backseats. One of my aunts was driving home around 2am when she passed this intersection; she saw someone flash high beams at her, she looked back and no car was behind her.  My uncle on the other hand had two experiences when he used to work a night shift. The first time he had experience was when he would drive home he could have sworn to see someone walking across the street. Another experience was when he saw a dark shadow figure sitting in the back of his car. As for my own experiences, I was walking my dog in a small pathway going towards that intersection when I heard a high pitched scream coming from the trees near there. Needles to say, it was a pretty short walk after that! 

Santa Maria High School

The Ethel Pope auditorium of SM high school is said to be haunted by a girl named Jeanette. Some sources say that her cause of death was being hit by a car before her “Romeo and Juliet” performance, while another says that she in fact didn’t get a part in the show and was not hit, but instead was depressed and was found hanging off the catwalk in the auditorium.

Paranormal Experience

As stated on KCOY12 Students have reported a sudden temperature drop in the basement and the possible ghost orb of Jeanette herself.

Santa Maria Inn

Built in 1917, the Santa Maria Inn was known for being luxurious yet comforting to those who have stayed there. The hotel was also known for housing many famous celebrities of that time.


According to “Haunted Rooms America” the people that haunt the Santa Maria Inn are Rudolph Valinteno, Peppy, 


According to “Haunted Rooms America” the spirit of  Rudolph Valinteno is known to be attached to room 221 and has been seen laying on the bed. Rudolph is also known to knock on the door to the room. As for other activities the piano is known to play by itself, footsteps can be heard, drop in temperature and poltergeist activity.


Who would have imagined that these three places in our own backyards were housing more than just the living.