Quarantine: What To Do With Your Free Time


If you’re wondering what you can do with all of your free time in quarantine, here’s a few tips from me and a little about myself. My name is Carys Tomilloso. Last year was my first year back to school since seventh grade. I had to undergo Chemo therapy and radiation because  I had cancer. I was sort of forced into to quarantine because of I had little to no immune system at all. I had to wear a bulky mask, stay inside, and wash my hands every time I touched something that was brought into my house and every time I left my house.

The picture below is what my mask looked like.

I had to do all of this for three years. It has now been about six months or corona quarantine and I just realized that i could be a helpful source of entertainment. Over these past years I have learned to use my resources around me to bring fun into my life. That’s enough talking about me, let’s get into the activities.

For the first activity, try something new whether it be baking to board games. You never know if you like something unless you try it. Baking is a good way to past time without realizing and the result in the end could either be something tasty, or burnt,  but you can always try again. For boards games it’s a good way to spend time with family and to finally get off of social media, even if it is for a short amount of time.

Second, watch a movie or series. Movies are typically one to three hours long and are another way to distract yourself from what is going on outside. On the other hand a series is something that you can start with your friends or family. Watching a series with a friend doesn’t mean they have to be with you. There are other ways watch with them like a video call or just texting about the episode.

Lastly, if you’re like me and don’t have many friends to text, lol, you can always try to grow your relationship with your siblings or parents. Talk to your siblings about anything that is interesting to you and maybe learn about their interests as well. Help your parents out by doing chores or watching younger siblings. Overall just communicate with your family.