Underrated Tv Shows: King Of The Nerds.


King Of The Nerds, starting in January Of 2013, was a game show on Tbs consisting of 3 seasons.

Hosted By Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, King Of The Nerds was a competition to see, like the name suggests, who was the true “King Of the Nerds”, the grand prize being $100,000. With 11 contestants, divided into teams The shows pop culture based challenges, or “Nerd Wars” included things like Star Wars/ Star Trek Debates, Cosplay Challenges, and even a life sized chess match. After Competing in the “Nerd Wars”, players from the losing team would compete in a “Nerd Off”, where the loser is eliminated.

The first Season Was Shot On Ambassador College, In Pasadena California. The Second season, however, was filmed at Occidental College, In Los Angeles, along with season 3. While the initial reviews for the show were positive, views slowly started to decline by season 3, which ultimately led to the shows cancelation. With the final episode airing on March, 13th 2015, the show had a total of 24 episodes across 3 seasons.

Curtis Armstrong was the one to announce the shows cancelation, saying “Dearest Nerds! Deeply Sorry To Announce that @ KingOfNerds TBS will not be returning for a 4th season. Hard to find words now. #NerdsRule”. on Twitter. Currently, there is no plans for a renewal of King Of The Nerds.