Anime’s that you probably didn’t know had a stage play!


Ana Espinoza

Anime is a world wide known television genre which is enjoyed by many people of various ages. With the popularity of anime being mainstream there is no doubt that there will be some sort of event inspired by or dedicated to anime.What you probably didn’t know is that when there is a popular anime there may be a stage play/ theater show of it. So let’s go over some stage plays!


The first stage play is Haikyu Hyper Project!

The Hikyu! Hyper Project stage was the first anime theater play that I found and had enjoyed watching clips of these stages. This stage play correlates with the anime and has its own unique way of telling the original story, with some of  its own added scripting. This stage is also a dance, song and acrobatic based performance which adds high energy and enjoyment.

The next stage play is actually based off of a video game, Persona 5

Persona 5: The Stage was the first stage I have seen from beginning to end on YouTube, and not by watch clips unlike with the Hikyu stage where you have to buy the CDs for $100 to be able to watch all the performances. Persona 5: The Stage is a musical stage with some acrobatic elements to it. The stage also plays along with the video game in some ways which makes it enjoyable to watch. With the stages costumes and set design’s its pretty much close to how that game is persuade bringing it to life.

The third stage is My Hero Academia: The ‘Ultra’ Stage!

As the popularity of My Hero Academia raised there ,with out a doubt, had to have a stage play based off of it. This stage is also a musical based stage like with the Persona 5 stage. This stage is a projected visual based set in order to show the characters individual power and other visual effects. Unlike the Persona 5 stage, to watch this theater play you have to buy the CD for $100 similar to the Haikyu stage or watch clips of it.

And now for the final stage play, Bungou Stray Dogs

The Bungou Stray Dogs stage is somewhat like any tradition theater play, but this stage is a bit audience interactive similar to that of the Haikyu stage. What makes this stage enjoyable to watch is the usage of props, lights, and projection on stage along with bits of humor and comedic gesture like an actor using the other actors by posing them or lifting them up in the air. Again the stage is much like the anime and follows the original story line with their own flair put into it. As I mentioned with the other theater plays for where you can watch it. You are able to watch the full stage on YouTube, but you have to watch it in parts.  A good thing though is the each video is about 24 minutes long and has subtitles to read along. Well all the stages I mentioned do have subtitles to read along but I had just forgotten to mention it until now.

Well those are some Anime’s that you probably didn’t know had stage adaptations. There are many more anime stages like Sailor Moon, Bleach, Attack on Titan and Naruto just to name a few but the list only goes on. So let us just say, with every anime there is a stage play.