Self Care

Valeria SR.

Do you think self care is important? In my opinion yes it is very important. You have to take of yourself, if you are a help other people before yourself kind of person it’s time to change that. Yes the well being  of others is important but it caring for others doesn’t mean you stop taking care of yourself. You deserve to give yourself time to heal, time to work on yourself, time for yourself. People take baths, read books, do skincare, do their make up, drink coffee and just enjoy the present, sleep in, write, listen to music, chores, paint their nails, watch their favorite TV shows/ movies, draw, bake, cook, go on a walks/runs, skateboard/longboard, go biking, sing, just sit and enjoy the silence, go shopping. There are tons of things to do to take care of yourself. Do anything you like, even if it is a little thing that you do to take care of yourself, if it makes you happy then that is taking care of yourself you don’t need to do something big, just something you like.

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