History of Valentines Day

Yazmeen Gonzalez

Candy, flowers, heart-shaped notes. What’s not to like about Valentine’s Day? This sweet celebration, which happens every year on February 14, is all about spreading the love. Some may wonder, how did Valentines Day start? Well the holiday we know today got its name from a man named Valentine. While a few different stories are told about what he did to cause the holiday, many people believe he’s celebrated for his role as a Roman priest who helped couples secretly get married. This is because of Emperor Claudius II of Rome banned marriage because he thought unmarried men made better soldiers. Valentine thought this was unfair and decided to break the rules and perform marriages anyway. He kept the ceremonies quiet, but he was eventually caught and later killed on February 14 for defying the emperor. Right before he died, Valentine supposedly wrote the first ever “valentine” to his jailer’s daughter, his lover. They later declared February 14th, Valentines Day.