Orange You Shocked About These Weird Laws?

Orange You Shocked About These Weird Laws?

Kai Barr, Writer

I got bored while doing my government work. If it weren’t for the fact these are better without it, I’d give some commentary. Anyways, here’s a bunch of funky laws that exist:


  1. In Baldwin Park, California, it is illegal to ride a bike in your swimming pool


  1. In California in general, you can’t eat an orange in your bathtub


  1. In Arizona, donkeys cannot be in bathtubs


  1. Blasphemy is illegal in Michigan


  1. In Massachusetts, swearing is also illegal—but only at sports events and only if you’re over 16


  1. Up until 2019, Severance, Colorado made it illegal to throw snowballs


  1. North Carolina bingo games can’t last for longer than five hours


  1. Pretending to be a minister, nun, priest, or rabbi in Alabama is illegal in public places


  1. Neighborhood associations in Vermont are banned from banning clotheslines.


  1. Rhode Island made biting someone’s arm off illegal


  1. Florida banned alcohol sales during hurricanes in 1974, because “hurricane parties” are a thing apparently


  1. Wyoming—wounding a fish with a gun is illegal


  1. Southington, Connecticut has banned Silly String since 1996


  1. Also in Alabama—playing Dominoes on Sunday is a Domi-NO


  1. Wearing a bullet-proof vest while committing a crime in New Jersey is illegal


  1. Although you can own a catapult in Aspen, Colorado, you can’t discharge it (or flaming arrows)


  1. Iowa tanning beds need conspicuous warning signs


  1. Also on the topic of bikes, Galesburg, Illinois prohibits “fancy riding” of bikes


  1. You can’t steal crawfish in Louisiana


  1. Everett, Washington, made hypnotizing people an indoors-only thing


  1. In Mississippi, apparently Big Gulps are considered an inalienable right because there are no rules limiting portion sizes


  1. New York has a sales tax on sliced bagels, but not uncut ones


  1. On Friday the 13th in French Lick Springs, Indiana, all black cats have to wear bells


  1. In South Carolina, dance halls can’t be close to cemeteries


  1. Or open on Sundays


That’s it that’s basically just this entire article. Weird laws with no explanations for them. The scary thing is that with some of these, there’s a reason why they were made.