How to make stickers


‘Let there be stickers!!!’ as I say when I buy stickers, because who doesn’t love to decorate their things with stickers? As much as I adore stickers I don’t want my wallet to be empty so you know what I think? Why not make my own, but first let’s just say the easiest way to make stickers is to get sticker paper and print out what you want. If you don’t have or want to buy sticker paper here is how to make your own!

things you need:



Clear tape

Parchment paper/non-stick mat


If you don’t have a printer here are the things you need:




Colored pencils 


Liner pen/ black pen

First download the images you want. I recommend getting your pictures from pinterest as the pictures there or of better quality. Then add those images on a google doc or word doc then print them out.

After printing the images cut out the individual but came sure to have a one centimeter border around the image. Once all the pictures are cut out, lay a strip of clear tape onto the parchment paper or non-stick mat and place the the pictures on the strip of tape (make sure to leave a space for each picture when yo lay them on the tape).

Then carefully add another strip of clear tape on top of the pictures and the other strip of tape sandwiching them. take out the air bubbles if there are some and cut the tape and picture sandwich.If you had placed the tape onto parchment paper you can cut out your stickers with the parchment paper, but if you have them placed on a mat take the tape and picture sandwich off of the mat before cutting the out the stickers also make sure to leave a centimeter border of tape as well.

For those who don’t have a printer draw and color whatever you want and do the tape layering process.Finally after the stickers are cut you can stick them onto whatever you want and you are done!Here are some stickers that I made.