Santa Maria Skatepark vs San Luis Obispo Skatepark

Brandon Plastino

I’m going to be reviewing these two skateparks to show how lazy Santa Maria. Also if you are thinking about getting into skating this will help you decide where to go.

there are cities with less people than us; that have better skateparks. I’m not talking about cities that are in other states, but cities that are local. The population of San Luis Obispo is 47,446 people as of 2018. They got roughly 2.2 million dollars for their skatepark and it turned out really well. On the other hand Santa Maria has a population of 107,408. Although I couldn’t find the exact amount of how much the city really spent on it I was hearing they spent around $200,000. Not to mention the ramps are pre made and the skatepark isn’t made out of cement. SLO on the other hand has a fully cement skatepark with lights that work very well. Santa Maria tried installing lights, which was a step in the right direction. The only problem is that the lights they installed are about as bright as a smart phone flashlight. Also It’s very ironic how the car dealerships across the street have better lights. The cherry on all of this though has to be Santa Maria moving the old skatepark ramps to a new location. Instead of building a new park that needed to be built they took the old skatepark ramps and moved it to the other side of town. All of these things back up my persuasion of how lazy the city really is.

Skate Park in Santa Maria - YouTubeSan Luis Obispo Skatepark, California

At this point you have seen the obvious clues of the city taking short cuts. You might be saying to yourself, “ maybe they just didn’t have money?” What if I told you they were offered a skatepark for free. That’s right, back in 2016 when one way board shop closed in the mall they needed to do something with the skatepark. So the owners, seeing how bad the one the city built them was, they offered the one that was in the mall. But hey we don’t need it. The world is a skatepark. Why do we need a nice skatepark for a city with 100,000 people? 

That is all I have to say about the San Luis skatepark but tune in next week for when I review the Santa Barbra skatepark.