Dak Prescott Contract Signing

Cody Allen

Monday, March 8, the Dallas Cowboys secured one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL with the name of Dak Prescott. For the past couple years, there has been many rumors about Prescott whether he would sign a contract or not and on Monday it was finally accomplished. Dak signed a four year $160 million contract, with a guaranteed $126 million and a maximum value of $164 million.

One of the biggest detail in the contract is that Prescott will not have a no trade clause deal meaning the Cowboys can not trade him without the player’s consent. The first year of the contract will give Prescott a whopping $75 million and a $66 million signing bonus and an average of $42 million a year. There is no real knowing how the 27 year old will do after his horrific injury but in the Cowboys hopes, he will come back out better than ever.