An Essay on Why Minecraft is the Perfect Game for Beginners

Carys Tomillo

Have you ever wanted to start playing video games but didn’t know where to start? Well, have I got the perfect game for you. Minecraft is a straight forward game where you mine and craft stuff. You can build houses, castles, cabins, villages, make an army of dogs, or just simply pick flowers. What ever floats your boat. Minecraft is the perfect game for beginners because it is easy to get the hang of, have lots of different options to choose from when creating a world, and you can play with friends.

When you make your first world I would suggest a survival world on peaceful so that you can figure out the controls and move up form there. The first thing you’ll want to do is mine enough wood to make a crafting table then tools. Since it’s on peaceful you won’t lose hunger, health, and fight mobs. If you’re lucky, you’ll spawn near a village for free resources. You can even trade with the villagers there! If you’re ready to move to the next difficulty, then all you need to do is pull up the menu, go to settings, go to default and change to your desired difficulty. But there is more than too survival worlds than you’d think.

Now that you’ve gotten the gist of the game, there are different types of worlds that you can play in. You can play in an infinite world, a flat world and even the old version where there was an invisible border that you couldn’t go past. On certain versions of the game, there are premade worlds to discover. If you get bored of playing in survival, there’s also creative where you’re basically a god with every block and item in the game at your finger tips. On the left, there’s a screenshot of a build someone made. You can also fly! With creative mode on, the possibilities are endless. You would be able to build to your hearts content, figure out how to make potions, make the biggest mansions, build statues, make your own portrait out of different types of blocks, and recreate 1:1 replicas of your city. All of this is fun to do, but with friends it’s even better.


In Minecraft, you can make multiplayer worlds where your friends can join you. On the right is a screenshot froma multiplayer world called Dream SMP (survival Minecraft playthrough). With friends, you can gather materials much more quickly. What can you do in multiplayer worlds you may ask, well I’ll tell you. You can all get together and build a giant homestead, or go your separate ways to see who can get strong the quickest, build different kingdoms and form alliances, make shops to buy from, or even raid each others bases. Like I stated, the possibilities are endless. Although you and your friends can go different ways, there will be lag as if you travel more than 5,000 blocks away from each other.

Summing up everything that I have stated, Minecraft is just simply the perfect game for beginners. Will you get emotionally attached to your army of dogs, maybe, but if the army is large enough, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Minecraft is easy to play, there’s different worlds to chose form, and most of all better with friends. I hope I have convinced you to try at least try this game out. 🙂